Jeffrey Turner grew up in Michigan, though he spent a good deal of his time in places such as Narnia and Middle Earth. He now works for Microsoft and is a member of the Dallas writing group Future Classics. He lives in Fort Worth with his wife, Kerry, and two biggest fans, Shiloh and Cinder. When he's not writing, Jeff plays ice hockey and travels to SFF conventions around the USA. His web page can be found at:

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Dragon's Bane & Gossamer
War has come to the kingdom of Edron, and young Jerrimon Tullson is eager for battle. But the enemy controls a terrifying weapon--a dragon of devastating power. The Edroni people face defeat and annihilation. Desperate for help, Jer and his comrades ally with Trevar Gerrier, the mysterious stranger whose own magic was long thought extinct. Though Trevar holds the only hope for defeating the mighty creature, Jer discovers that his friend and leader guards a terrifying secret of his own.
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