Bio: Adrian Cole was born in Plymouth, Devonshire in 1949. Recently the Director of College Resources in a large secondary school in Bideford, he makes his home there with his wife Judy, son Sam, and daughter Katia. The books of the Dream Lords trilogy (Zebra books 1975-1976) were his first books published. Cole has had numerous short stories published in genres ranging from science fiction and fantasy through horror. His works also have been translated into many languages including German, Dutch, Belgian, and Italian.

Apart from the Star Requiem and Omaran Saga quartets being reprinted by e-reads, some of his most recent works include the Voidal trilogy (Wildside Press) and Storm Over Atlantis (Cosmos Press).

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A Place Among the Fallen [Book One of The Omaran Saga]
Omara's people shun all belief in the power of gods and magic, and the Deliverers, led by Simon Wargallow, pledge to put to death all heretics. When Korbillian flees his magical land of Ternannoc in the midst of a catastrophic destruction, he takes refuge on Omara and begins a quest to save this planet from its inevitable fate--the same as that of Ternannoc. Battles erupt in the clashes between destruction and salvation, from the fishing village of Sundhaven to the plateau of Xennidhum. Death be... more info>>
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