Bio: Barbara can't remember a time when she didn't love to read. In seventh grade, after she penned an action scene for English, she was hooked on writing, too. That was also the last time she wrote anything short.

She began writing teen romantic stories as a pleasurable pastime. After attending college near home in north central Illinois she married, raised two children, lived in several regions of the United States, and pursued varied work experiences which provide rich resources for her "grown-up" romance novels. When she isn't writing, reading, or gardening, she brainstorms ways to spoil her grandson.

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Teacher, Teacher
Widowed Cate Munro loves two things: her son and teaching music. But school board member, Tom Flannery, threatens both her loves and livelihood with proposed budget cuts. Cate must defend her principles while resisting attraction to Flannery, a man too much like her faithless husband. Single parent, Tom Flannery, suspects manipulation when Cate casts his daughter in a school musical. Yet when he confronts her, he finds an honest woman who gently opens his skeptical mind and bruised, mistrustful ... more info>>
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