Bio: Louise Lenahan Wallace was born in the Sacramento Valley and grew up in Southern California. She married and moved to Washington State, where she worked nights in a nursing home so that she could be home with her two daughters during the day. During that period, she started writing for her own enjoyment, as a way of taking time for herself. After completing a secretarial degree, she began working in a law office. Twenty-two years later, she continues to work for her attorneys. She earned a bachelor?s degree in Human Services in 1992, at night, while working full-time during the day. She has been secretary of her local square dance club, club editor for Footnotes, Washington State?s square dance magazine, publicity representative for her County?s unit of the American Cancer Society, and has taken classes in sign language. A long-time member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, her first novel, THE LONGING OF THE DAY, won a fiction award in 1994 in the Association?s annual competition. She has been published in CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SINGLE?S SOUL, and Grit Magazine, as well as other publications. THE LONGING OF THE DAY was published in 2000, and the sequel, DAY STAR RISING, in 2001. As with the first two novels, anecdotes from her family history are woven into the fabric of DAYS OF ETERNITY, and she researched extensively to make the time and place ?authentic.? During research for THE LONGING OF THE DAY, she discovered the apparently little-known fact that, during the Civil War, members of the 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry were sent to Fort Laramie in Nebraska Territory to protect the Overland Stage Road from increasing Indian harassment, when the regular soldiers were sent east to join the larger conflict. From that discovery, DAYS OF ETERNITY came to life. She sums up her writing adventures by confessing that she didn?t intend to write ?for real? when she started. Her advice to beginning writers is to be persistent. It took her ?twenty-five years and enough rejection slips to paper two walls? before she was published. One might say, she?s written the book on that.

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Days of Eternity
Zane and Larissa Edwards, rearing their children Mac and Rose on the family farm, foresee the future spinning out as contentedly as their past. Civil War erupts, shattering their lives and dreams. Zane joins the Sixth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry and is sent to Fort Laramie in Nebraska Territory. His friend Ethan Michaels, a widower with a young daughter, Charity, having promised Zane he will help Larissa with the work, moves to the farm as a hired hand. Ten-year-old Mac begins studying medicine under... more info>>
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