Bio: Dell Magazines, a division of Crosstown Publications, is the industry leader of the puzzle and horoscope magazine market with over 70 years of experience. Additionally, Dell Magazines publishes the highest-quality short fiction in the mystery and science fiction genres.
--Analog Science Fiction and Fact began as Astounding Stories of Super-Science in 1930, and has continuously published the vanguard of SF, with an emphasis on science--helping to launch the careers of such luminaries as Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Anne McCaffrey, and Orson Scott Card, to name a few.
--Asimov's Science Fiction, first published in 1977, has become science fiction's most lauded publication. Stories from Asimov's have earned more Hugos and Nebulas in the past 20 years than any other publication, and the editors of Asimov's have won 16 Hugos for Best Editor in that time. Works in Asimov's range from hard to literary to more fantastical SF, as well as fantasy and a touch of horror.
--Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine has been the world's leading outlet for crime and mystery writers since 1941. Upon founding, Ellery Queen sought to "raise the sights of mystery writers generally to a genuine literary form" and this influence lasts to this day. Thanks to its many gifted contributors, EQMM remains where it has always been, on the cutting edge of crime and mystery fiction, offering readers the very best stories being written in the genre anywhere in the world.
-- Founded in 1956, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine is the second oldest mystery short-story magazine in existence. Each is packed with new mystery short stories--at least seven, varying in length from short-shorts to novellas--and each issue also contains one "Mystery Classic," an outstanding tale from the genre's past. Each and every subgenre of mystery fiction is represented in AHMM, from the classic whodunit to the hardboiled tale to suspense--and everything in between!

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