Bio: J.W. Johnson was born February 2, 1885 in Huntington Utah, the oldest of five children. He attended Brigham Young Academy, and later studied classical painting at the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam. J.W. and a partner went prospecting during the late 1920s, and staked a gold mining claim on the Boise River. They worked the claim on a large scale using hydraulic giants. J.W. was a prolific writer of pulp westerns. In 1929, he started near full time work on The Bitterroot Trail and spent the next six years of his life researching and writing this novel. Copies of the Caxton printing from 1935 remain in great demand at rare bookstores around the USA. J.W. kept on with his painting, but never wrote another novel. He began to investigate meta-physics and religion instead, continuing until his death in November, 1957, in Emmett, Idaho.

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The Bitterroot Trail
Men with dreams of gold flocked to the strikes in Idaho Territory in the early 1860s. Some were lucky, but only a few people managed to hang onto their fortunes. The Plummer Gang jumped claims, robbed miners, and murdered anyone who got in their way. Until Pokerface Bob Bainbridge showed up, seeking the man who'd ruined his sister--and out for personal revenge. From the saloons of Oro Fino to the tent cites of the Boise Basin, Bob follows the iniquitous gang, determined to bring law and order to... more info>>
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