Author: Jon Peniel

Bio: Jon is a teacher from an ancient spiritual order called (in English) ?The Children of the Law of One?. The late, famous psychic, Edgar Cayce (the most documented psychic in the world), spoke of The Children of the Law of One many times during the years of psychic readings he gave while in trance. Cayce spoke of the order?s history of championing freedom & enlightenment, and its lineage - beginning in Atlantis, continuing through pre-ancient Egypt, and on to the present. Cayce also predicted that an important spiritual messenger by the name of John/Jon Peniel, would come forth near the time of great Earth Changes. According to the entranced Cayce, Peniel was coming to give to the world vital spiritual information - ?the new order of things? for a new age/new type of world, and the next step for humanity?s spiritual development. Jon does not claim to be this person, nor does he dismiss it at this point ? he doesn?t consider it to be an important issue. But many members of the organization the late Cayce founded (The Association for Research & Enlightenment [A.R.E.], and those who have belonged to Cayce ?study groups? for many years, have (after reading the book/teachings) declared that they believe Jon is the messenger Cayce predicted, and now study Jon?s book and the ancient teachings. Born in the US, Jon Peniel began his training in the Children?s Tibetan monastery, while still a teenager. There, he learned, trained, and became spiritually enlightened. After the prophesied destruction of that monastery, he was given the task of publicly releasing their teachings to the world (also prophesied by his teachers). He is now the international head of the order, and is still in the process of revealing the ancient teachings (which in small part includes this booklet) and has released the pertinent information from the fabled ?Hall of Records? buried between the Sphinx and Great Pyramid.

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