Can a man travel back in time fifteen years and prevent his brother's suicide? Find out in the autobiographical In The Fullness of Time.

Michael also demonstrates an incisive wit and a sharp sense of humor in The Shortest Play and in his unconventional poetry. If a dog could write, what would she say? Read Daisy's Story and you'll never look at your pet in quite the same way. He caps it all off with the terrifying novella Descent Into Madness.

This is a book which will certainly entertain, and which will also impress itself onto the minds of all who read it. It is compelling, entertaining, and thought-provoking. It simply must be read, and treasured, and read again.

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In 2123, the first manned space flight leaves Earth's solar system using faster than light travel. They are almost immediately faced with an inexplicable series of events, visions of past events that never happened, and eventually an unseen menace that's technologically far beyond them. Arthur C Clarke noted that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Unfortunately, that's the truth. Maybe they should've just stayed home.
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Barry Drake returns. The starship CONUNDRUM is the first manned vessel to leave Earth's solar system using Weinberg Drive. It reaches the Pegasus system, 50 light years away, where the earthlike planet Sisyphus orbits a G-type star and may contain what we truly hope to find, proof that we are not alone.
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Vigilante Justice
Drugs are being stolen from the Police evidence locker and sold on the street. These same drugs are killing the users. When Internal Affairs detective Gary Drake's brother becomes one of the victims, Drake is even more determined to find the person responsible. Will his search for justice destroy the love he has finally found or will he administer his own brand of vigilante justice? [Cover art Dirk A. Wolf]
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