Bio: Born in Hollywood in 1933, Nora Johnson was raised around the film industry, where her father, writer/director/producer Nunnally Johnson, was a pivotal creative figure at 20th Century Fox. Nora Johnson made her publishing debut in 1958 with The World of Henry Orient, and her books include The Two of Us, Uncharted Places, Perfect Together, Tender Offer and You Can Go Home Again: An Intimate Journey. She has since established herself as a novelist, biographer and essayist, and her works include a book about her father entitled Flashback: Nora Johnson on Nunnally Johnson. Nunnally Johnson collaborated with his daughter on the screenplay of The World of Henry Orient in 1964.

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The World of Henry Orient
The story is immediately recognizable in its theme and setting, but it exists in what seems to be another time and another place. Nora Johnson's The World of Henry Orient, published in 1958, is an amusing, affectionate satire of the last days of innocence in the lives of two New York girls, Marian "Gil" Gilbert and Valerie "Val" Boyd. The boredom and impatience of adolescence are richly caught, even as they inspire crazy escapades that will eventually open up the world for these two bright but n... more info>>
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