Bio: William E. Darke was raised in southern England and attended Universities in both Scotland and Wales. While at the University of Wales, he lived close to the locale where his debut novel, Echoes, it set. Darke moved to America in 1996, working first as a researcher for NOAA and later as Director of the Climate Dynamics and Paleoclimate Programs for the National Science Foundation in Washington D.C. He currently resides in Pennsylvania with his wife and three cats

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A tale of the supernatural set in Wales: 1810--the occasion of King George III's Golden Jubilee. The Morrigu, a creature from Celtic mythology, is accidentally trapped inside the world's first photograph. Two hundred years later, the photographer's descendent, Christopher Northway, is haunted by the Morrigu because he holds the key to its freedom, but if liberated the creature will unleash hell upon the world. As the Morrigu's influence continues to grow, Northway discovers that the only person ... more info>>
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