Bio: Phill Jones has worked as a patent attorney, and as a researcher and instructor in the life sciences. Currently, he's a freelance writer, specializing in science, law and history. His recent articles include pieces about forensic science and historically prominent criminal investigators. These have appeared in <I>Old News</I>, <I>Forensic Magazine</I>, <I>The Strand Magazine</I>, <I>Today's Science</I>, <I>History Magazine</I>, and <I>Law and Order Magazine</I>. Phill also teaches an online course, <I>Demystifying Forensic Science: A Writer's Guide</I>. His science fiction detective short stories have appeared in <I>Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest</I>, <I>Futurismic</I> (e-zine), and other e-zines. Phill Jones can be contacted at

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Thin Ice
An investigation turns personal for Detective Thadeus Rede when the priest who practically raised him is slaughtered by a serial killer. 2037 was turning out to be a bad year for Thadeus Rede. After an unexpected promotion over his former partner in the Seattle Police Department, he's now the lead investigator in a politically charged case of brutal murders. A serial killer is targeting members of a powerful organization--a group that promotes a ban on the deliberate genetic alteration of any l... more info>>
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