Bio: Howard Hopkins lives in a Maine seacoast town and has published 17 westerns, 12 of which have gone to large print editions, under the penname Lance Howard. He is an Active member of the Western Writers of America and a member of EPIC. His large print Western WANTED is a November 2001 release and his hardcover Western, BANDOLERO, sees print the same month. He is hard at work on his 18th at the moment, THE SILVERMINE SPOOK. During the late 80s-early 90s he produced and edited GOLDEN PERILS, a journal for fans of the pulp magazines from the 1930s, primarily focusing on Doc Savage, The Avenger and The Shadow. He recently revived the magazine in electronic PDF format and published the most recent issue, #22, in September, 2001. He produced numerous other magazines in the field and wrote a comprehensive study of The Avenger character, as well as over fifty articles on pulp characters for various other journals. He plays mandolin, alto sax, electric and acoustic guitar and paints ebook covers, as well as print.

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Weird Western Tales
The Western story has been around practically as long as the Wild West itself. Dime Novels made living legends out of men like Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, and many other such men. Needless to say these stories were often exaggerated so much as to become tall tales, but so popular were the stories that often truth and fiction became so intertwined that many are not sure to this day what is fact and what is fiction. The Western heroes were popular in the great Pulp magazines, Old-Time Radio Sh... more info>>
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