Bio: For the past ten years Alan Strickland has worked as a freelance technical writer following a long 'dirty hands' career as an engineer and technician in British and Australian industry. Originally from Carlisle in the north of England he is married, has two adult daughters and a dog and lives in the foothills of Adelaide, South Australia. Amongst his interests are renewable energy, ecosystems and sustainable living. Alan is a public speaking tutor and is currently training to become a professional counsellor. He's always had a fascination with psychology and an understanding as to what makes people 'tick' - why we are as we are. His aim as a counsellor is to specialise in helping people to develop their assertiveness, speaking skills, motivation and self confidence. A few years ago Alan realised that some of these aspects of his own life could be improved - nothing too serious, just needing an overhaul and a bit of a tune up. This book explains how he did it. It's no rags to riches story. If he'd turned his life around and made a fortune, Alan would be off enjoying it and not writing self help books.

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Five Key Skills
The human race is made up of all sorts of people. Some are naturally outgoing and seem to get on well with everyone they meet. Others are quieter, keep themself to themselves and are fairly passive in their social interactions. A few lucky individuals can speak confidently to a hall full of people or in a one to one discussion. Others have trouble in stringing a few words together in a conversation and their worst nightmare would be to stand up and address a large gathering. Some people seem to ... more info>>
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