Bio: David M. Hooper is the author of Instant Fear and Reunions are Murder (written with Herbert Shuey and published under the penname Ersla McNabb). Tanglewood Roads is his third novel David is married, a graduate of the University of Kansas and worked in Education for years before switching to hi-tech. He currently works as a freelance writer and copywriter. He edited the prestigious literary magazine Monthly Short Stories for several years, and likes to garden

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Tanglewood Road
Bobbie Sue dreaded the return to Tanglewood Road to help her sister, Evelyn, take care of their dying mother. As a child, Bobbie Sue had felt like an outsider in her own family. Her mother had refused to believe when Bobbie Sue told her that Mr. Duncan, a neighbor, had molested her. After years of playing mind games initiated by Evelyn and her mother, Bobbie Sue couldn't wait to graduate college and leave home. The yearly return visits had become just a continuation of her childhood. But this ti... more info>>
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