Bio: Steven D. Richards is a forty-nine year old practicing physician who has begun writing to satisfy his hidden inner desire to entertain and stimulate others with provocative stories-weaving medical topics with ethics and religious belief interfacing with modern technology, mystery, and adventure. BEGOTTEN is his first full-length novel that crystallizes such perspectives into a fiction tale. "My utmost desire is that my readers will find excitement and eventually joy as they read the pages - this is my goal." His next work will be AND A CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM, a story of a new terrorism in America - the kidnapping of children who are sold into slavery. Steve lives with his family of two girls and his wife in the mountains of Virginia. You may contact him via email at

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A rousing good tale of adventure. Human cloning is not far away and this page-turner reveals the potential misuse of this incipient technology by a wealthy drug lord in Costa Rica, who greedily tries to save his ownlife at the expense of all else. He is in pursuit of a living heart-donor--his own clone birthed 25 years before.
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