Bio: As an example of "New Face of Horror Writing," Deon C. Sanders, (pen name Deno Sandz) is on his way towards creating numerous best-selling horror novels, inspiring poems, and feature film screenplays. Written when he was a freshman author in the publishing world, his first horror novel, "Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare" has been, and continues to be, a success in the minds of horror readers. Deon C. Sanders works in the field of education in Chicago, is a father of six and considers himself to be a privileged man, to have a wife that loves and supports him and his work. He states that,"In the world of horrorwriting, there are no boundaries".

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"I, AM" ... in the mist of Good there's Evil the midst of Evil there's--I, AM? God is completing Heaven and Earth. Heaven was full of splendor ... and the Angels were filled with laughter. Except for Lucifer, the most exquisite Angel in heaven and the most jealous of God. However, Lucifer did not gather his jealousy of God and the thought of War by himself. Lucifer was tempted, and manipulated into thinking he could defeat God, by an unknown evil, just as powerful as God. Who was the force... more info>>
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