Bio: A Systems Manager by day, and a novelist by night, Laurie Larsen has learned how to keep all the balls in her life juggling. Most days you?ll see her ducking so she doesn?t get smashed in the head as they all come crashing down! In the year 2000 Laurie fulfilled a goal she?d held since she was seven years old ? to become a ?real? author. Of course, at the time she thought she?d write horse stories, but in actuality it was a romance novel entitled Whispers of the Heart. Whispers was honored by making it to the final round of the national Golden Quill Contest in 2001. After three long years, she defeated the ?Second Book Slump? and her second novel, a women?s fiction called Momentary Lapse, was released in May, 2004. It has received some great reviews, including 4 roses (out of 5) from A Romance Review. Laurie is looking forward to her third novel, a mainstream fiction entitled Legacy of Lies, to be released in November of 2005 by Whiskey Creek Press. In her spare time, Laurie plays taxi driver to her two busy sons. When she has a free moment, she sings in her church choir, occasionally does some solo work, reads voraciously and attends the movies and the theater. But her favorite spot is in front of the computer with the door closed, creating stories.

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Legacy of Lies
What if everything you thought you knew about your family turned out to be a lie? Penelope Livingston has had an ache in her heart for twenty-five years--ever since that traumatic day she gave her baby up for adoption. Now she's trying to locate her daughter. Research uncovers a young woman named Claire who seems to be a perfect match. The two women believe it is Fate that they found each other, and they begin to forge a happy friendship. Unfortunately, only the baby's father, Larry O'Neill know... more info>>
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