Bio: Robert E. Margroff has collaborated with Piers Anthony for more than 15 years?the five novels of the Kelvin of Rud sada being their most recent joint venture. Mr. Margroff lives in Iowa.

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Dragon's Gold
The Prophecy: A Roundear there Shall Surely be; Born to be Strong, Raised to be Free; Fighting Dragons in his Youth; Leading Armies, Nothing Loth; Ridding his Country of a Sore; Joining Two, then uniting Four; Until from Seven there be One; Only then will his Task be Done. When Kelvin was a child, his mother read to him from the Book of Prophecy and he asked what the poem meant. Now he was about to learn. The Kingdom of Rud languishes under the heel of a usurper; an evil sorcerer has taken the t... more info>>
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