Bio: Robin credits her grandmother with first introducing her to the world of romantic fiction. She grew up reading her grandmother's dog-eared Barbara Cartland novels and Harlequins, all the while dreaming of the day her sultan/prince/knight would rescue her from the doldrums of day to day living. Since then, Robin has learned that there is still more fun to be had in a book than real life, so she turned her hobby into something a bit more productive and began writing her own happily ever afters. The Game of Desire is her first foray into sensual romance and she hopes it does her grandmother proud. Robin is currently dreaming up her next hero, but her readers can contact her at or through her website,

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The Princes Bound [The Princes Book 1]
Murder, abduction, and rebellion threaten the peace of the kingdom, and Nadia is caught in the middle of it all. Can she find a way to stop the events sure to destroy them all by surrendering her heart to a handsome prince, or will fate get in the way? Prince Mathis wants nothing but peace for his kingdom, while his brother, Prince Talin, seems determined to align his own kingdom with their family's sworn enemy through an alliance in the form of marriage. Mathis will be damned if he will witne... more info>>
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