Joreid McFate is seven years old. Born on the INternet in October 1997, it is the writing team of Karl Joreid and Frances McFate. Karl Joreid, carpenter by day, author by night, lives in Long Island, New York, with his wife, Janet, two sons, GRant and Logan, and a menagerie of rescued animals: six dogs, two cats and a parrot. Frances McFate, mother, grandmother, former telephone company employee and professional worrier, lives in metro Atlanta with her husband, Fred -- a postal worker who, thankfully, has not gone postal on her.

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The Demon Plague
When Crystal Donovan inherits a mysterious amulet dating back to the Salem witch trials her life becomes an exercise in terror. A brutal murder and an encounter with an inhuman creature are catalysts for the journey of her life--a roller coaster ride through time. Crystal is thrust into a past ruled by superstition, then catapulted into a future devastated by biological weapons ... and inhabited by demons. Can she unravel the secret of the amulet? Will she find a way back to her own time? Or die... more info>>
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