Bio: Paul Lucas grew up in the wilds of Dunkirk, NY, just a few snow drifts away from Buffalo along the shores of Lake Erie. Having an irresitable urge to foist bizarre ideas onto perfect strangers, science fiction writing seemed like a natural career choice. Now a freelance writer and artist, his work has seen the light of day in publications such as Challenge, Shadis, Hadrosaur Tales, EOTU Online, The Fifth Di, Literotica, and others. He currently resides in the Dark Abyss of Eternal Despair, known on some maps as Erie, PA.

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Part human. Part animal. These are the genetically-engineered races of the Creatura, the only survivors of a global pandemic, who slowly try to rebuild a world left empty and devastated by the death of the human race three hundred years before. Shana Feles, a scrappy Felinoid relic hunter, just wanted to finish the mission to the Buffalo ruins, collect her money, and maybe snuggle up to that cute medic Twilight. But then she and her friends stumble across an ancient secret dating from before the... more info>>
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