Bio: Certified Recreational Therapist and dream counselor Flor-ence Ellen credits her interpretative skills to her mother. ?Without fail,? Ellen recalls, ?she would dismantle my tangled dream images and spin them into understandable tapestries, rich in meaningful in-sight. Never was a dream book used.? Over time, Ellen grew to understand the parable of dreams in much the same way a child learns to interpret the alphabet into meaningful words and sen-tences. It was not until later in Ellen?s life that she learned not eve-rybody knew how to interpret their dreams. Soon, Ellen began in-terpreting dreams for friends and associates, and more recently for people on the World Wide Web. From this experience it became apparent to Ellen what people needed was not an interpreter, but a guide to understanding dreams. Because of this, Ellen decided to go public with her amazingly simple formula for interpreting dreams, in hopes that others will learn to empower their lives through the gift of the dream world.

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Decoding the Parable of Dreams
Have you ever seen yourself sleeping? Have you dreamed you could fly, breath under water or wondered what repeating dreams want? This book will answer these questions and more. Such as, how to tell if you have received telepathic messages from deceased loved ones; what aura color, numeric values, meditation and eye position have to do with dreaming. If you've ever considered the possibility of glimpsing the future or consciously interacting in dreams shared by others, then you're ready to experi... more info>>
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