Bio: Steven Douglas Womack was born in Warsaw, Indiana, where he grew up an avid reader with an active imagination. He wrote his first stories while still in grammar school, and by junior high had advanced to reproducing them off an ancient typewriter given to him by his father. Encouraged by both parents to read at an early age, he explored mythical and mys-tical adventures from many lands, but it was stories about the stars that captivated him the most. Still reading, he journeyed to Greencastle, Indiana as a young man and some time later was awarded a college de-gree. Realizing this gave him the chance to read further, Mr. Womack traveled across state to Muncie, where he read and occupied time and space to the point that the powers that be decided they would give him a doctorate in history if he went away. Tricked by this alleged honor of significance, the now Dr. Womack journeyed east, until he reached the land of taxes and endangered cod, finally stumbling into something that passed for gainful employment. This allowed little of the beloved reading of stories both great and small. Captured by the gods of capitalism and consumerism, he eventually freed himself from the bondage of those cruel masters and began creating his own story. And then his migration west began, but this time, alas, beyond the beloved Land of the Indians to a place of vast cold and great winds, but many sunny days and wonderful sum-mers. There were others with him this time, a family, new masters demanding and tasking, yet inspiring and rewarding too.

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Cyclopean Rescue
Fathers and sons ... Friends and lovers ... Revenge and redemption ... It is the year 2218, ten years after alien invaders have devastated much of the world and left the survivors recovering from fear and destruction. James Poole, the son of a famous military hero, gets his chance to hunt down the aliens and avenge his father's death at their hands. With Earth's most sophisticated warship and a secret new living computer, he flies into space burning with revenge, a powerful enemy waiting just be... more info>>
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