Bio: Ann has traveled to many parts of the world, facilitating workshops and events, and channeling information pertaining to earth?s galactic heritage. Her regular communications with the Silver Ray helped reinforce the necessity for increased awareness in environmental issues, most notably the importance of clean drinking water. She has given hundreds of private readings and continues to advocate for environmental awareness and advocacy. The next book in her Galactic Awakening Series, Living at Galactic Speed, is due out in 2005. The first two books in the Series, Galactic Heritage: New Keys of Understanding and Time Warriors: Messengers for the Future are also available from Gate Way Publishers.

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Historical Documents of the United States of America
There appears to be turmoil in every State and part of our country. It is important that each of us as a citizen know what our individual rights are, particularly under Federal law. A few of the significant documents that affect each of us has been gathered together for easy reference and so you may actually read them. If you read about a certain Amendment, now you can look it up easily on your device. This is all about citizenship. Let's be informed citizens!
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