Bio: Simon Myers was born in 1968. His first trip abroad, aged twelve, in thick cords and school tie, was with two hundred other British children to visit ancient Greek sites in the eastern mediterranean. Since this precocious start, Simon has managed to spend the majority of his life abroad. After school in Dorset, he taught English in Zimbabwe before attending the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to read Politics and Chinese. With no personal connection or previous knowledge of China, the decision was rooted in an admiration of the country's physical amd historical size and scale - a distant parallel universe definitely worth exploring. Simon first visited China in 1990. For some considerable time Simon thought he wanted to be an overseas news correspondent and after graduating, embarked on a short-lived career in journalism with the BBC World Service. Realising that he actually just wanted to be overseas, he left his job and returned to the Far East. Hired as a China expert by the Swire Group in Hong Kong, one of the last great hongs, Simon moved to Beijing where he was to spend the next four years as a businessman, criss-crossing the country selling beer and soft drinks. Millions of litres of bottled beverage later, at the end of the 1990's, Simon left Beijing with a group of friends and returned to Europe overland on a Chinese motorbike and sidecar. Simon is married and currently lives in London.

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Adrift In China
This is not an objective account. How could it be, having consumed such a slice of my life? China is the third largest country in the world, holds nearly a quarter of the earth's population and claims a recorded history going back more than 3,000 years. Foreigners' reactions to China and its people veer from one extreme to the other, as if the gargantuan size of the place demands a sweeping response. This is understandable. Time is needed for such a big and complex country, and time is something... more info>>
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