Bio: Geoff Thompson made violence his profession working as a doorman at some of Britainís roughest clubs. As the holder of the rank of 6th Dan black belt in Japanese karate, 1st Dan in Judo and equally well qualified in other martial arts he is a TOUGH man.

As well as many books he has written a film script, Watch My back, based on his life and a stage play, One Sock, that inspired The Royal Court Theatre in Londonís West End to invite him into their exclusive writersí group.

In 1997 Geoff was flown out to the United States by Chuck Norris to teach at his international seminar. As an ambassador for the martial arts, Geoff has appeared on national and international TV and Radio - for a couple of years as the BBC Good Morning self defence expert - talking about and, giving advice on self protection and related subjects.

His work is both innovative and thought provoking. He is currently Sub Editor of Martial Arts Illustrated and contributory editor of Menís Fitness magazine.He has published several articles for mainstream glossy magazines such as Loaded, Maxim, FHM, Arena, Esquire and has published several articles with GQ Magazine (Britain-Paris).

He has also appeared many times on mainstream TV including ITVís Martial Arts: The Real Story televised in two - one hour programmes. As well as his books and videos He was Martial Arts choreographer for the production 'Hard Fruit' at the Royal Court, London and winner of the EMDA Award for the screenplay of the film 'Watch My Back'.

In 2004 Geoff's short film Brown Paper Bag won a BAFTA.

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A Book for the Seriously Stressed: How To Stop Stress From Killing You
Stress is something that affects everyone, usually by making them snappy and ill, and even causing death. For the rare few that properly 'use' stress, the world becomes an Aladdin's cave of potential. This book teaches you the secrets of controlling and using stress to your advantage. What causes stress--Who is prone to stress--Understanding the enemy--Understanding others--Why we always hurt the ones we Love--Our immediate reactions to stress--Symptoms of short term and long term stress--Learni... more info>>
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Animal Day: Pressure Testing the Martial Arts
In Animal Day, probably his most controversial book yet, Geoff Thompson explodes the martial arts myths about what does and does not work on the unforgiving streets of a violent world, and then educates the reader in all aspects of pressure testing the martial arts to make sure that technique and character are not lacking when a situation becomes "live". Having worked for nine years as a nightclub doorman, acted as a personal trainer to private police and bodyguards and talked internationally on... more info>>
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Fear: The Friend of Exceptional People
Don't let fear hold you back from achieving everything you want to--let Geoff Thompson, author of Watch My Back and The Elephant and the Twig, show you how to make fear your friend. Once a doorman at some of Britain's roughest nightclubs and now a world-renowned martial artist, Geoff Thompson has had more to be frightened of than most. Here he shares his secrets for overcoming your fears to help you live life to the max. From spiders to public speaking, job interviews to physical conflict, Geoff... more info>>
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Shape Shifter: Transform Your Life In 1 Day
What if you could become anything you wanted? What if there was a method of practice that allowed ordinary men and women to transform themselves into beings of extraordinary talent? It is a commonly held belief that the leading lights of society are gifted from birth or just plain lucky, but Geoff Thompson believes that anyone with average ability and a strong desire can succeed in any chosen field. The ex-bouncer and factory floor sweeper, now a martial arts expert, screenwriter, Bafta-award wi... more info>>
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The Art of Fighting Without Fighting: Techniques in Personal Threat Evasion
During the fight or flight syndrome we experience what is known as 'mid brain' where we are not discernible from animals and our only concern is that of survival. Our instinct in mid brain then is 'to run' away as opposed to 'stand and fight'. This instinct is deeply embedded in our genes and goes back thousands of years to our Mammalian ancestry where assailants were too great to stand and fight and 'flight' was always the favoured response. The art of posturing works on this proven premise and... more info>>
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The Elephant and the Twig: The Art of Positive Thinking
Have you ever heard the story of The Elephant and the Twig? In India they train obedience in young elephants (to stop them from escaping) by tying them to a huge immovable object, like a tree, when they are still very young. The tree is so large that no matter how hard the baby elephant pulls and tugs it cannot break free. This develops what is known as "learned helplessness" in the creature. After trying so hard and for so long to break the hold, only to be thwarted time and again, it eventuall... more info>>
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Three Second Fighter: The Sniper Option
The majority of attacks/fights last less than three seconds and are preceded by aggressive or disarming behaviour. This book trains you to read the body language and ritual of attack and 'stop' your attacker in his tracks by using a physical and psychological 'fence' or a cripple-shooting attack. The book also covers 'ambush attacks' and 'match fighting'.
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Watch My Back
Watch My Back is the story of one man's search for courage. Depressed, bullied, intimidated by life and indoctrinated to believe that this was his lot, Geoff Thompson, on the verge of a breakdown, decided to fight back. In a bid to confront his fears, he took a job as a bouncer in one of Britain's roughest nightclubs. His life was never to be the same again. Over the next ten years, and after being involved in hundreds of brutal and bloody fights that left two of his friends murdered and many mo... more info>>
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