Bio: Kevin Matthews is a ghostwriter who works as a writing consultant and Script Doctor for books and screenplays. He has written over 500 articles, has published 5 novels and has had two screenplays optioned. He has ghostwritten several books on sex-related subjects, including the marriage manual ?The Psychology of Making Love.? Writing from his many adventures and experiences in life, these personal accounts have resulted in ?How To Have Great Success With Women.?

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How to Have Great Success With Women
The greatest lovers in the world assume a certain attitude that attracts women to them. That attitude is one of self-confidence; knowing when and how to turn on the charm. And How to Have Great Success with Women will show you how. You don't have to have the "perfect look" or be rich to attract women. Believe in yourself and know that you can overcome any physical handicap by adapting an attitude that says you like yourself--and this will give you great success with women.
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