Bio: Jamie Richards is a retired professor from a moderately sized university who spent thirty-four years teaching about communism and other forms of political philosophy. He wrote six books on these serious topics and when he retired he decided to write fiction.

What kind? He began as a boyhood fan of westerns, then science fiction, and then mysteries. Gradually he grew tired of bodies and detectives and leaned toward stories that had a little romance in them. It was not far to historical romance and just before he retired he became enamored of the Regency period in English history, roughly 1800 to 1825.

Jamie began collecting novels he enjoyed and then after retirement gave him the time, he began to write. He now has 3400 regency novels on his study shelves, and the two novels for Twilight Times Books are his first step in romance publishing. He especially enjoys the extensive research and the travel necessary for historical novels.

He met his wife at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio back in the 1950s and has three children and four grandchildren, all of whom are very special. He enjoys family, traveling, reading, and writing.

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A Dreamers Escape
After many adventures, a young woman in an unhappy situation discovers that her rescuer is indeed a knight on a white horse. Regency romance.
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Antonia's Daring Deception
Antonia Moreson is the daughter of a respected physician living in Kent. When her father is called away on another case, she becomes responsible for an ill soldier, a Captain Lord Robert Quentin, the Earl of Gramsham. Through a long night of intensive nursing, the attractive officer makes an indelible impression on Antonia's heart. She longs to become a physician like her father, but she knows females are permitted only midwifery, not the study or practice of medicine. Antonia takes all the corr... more info>>
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Harry's Agatha
Regency romance Josephine just wants to get to London to take up her new position as a lady's companion. Unfortunately, she tumbles into one mishap after another on the way.
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