Bio: and Pamela S. Indo. John L. Indo is a former prison inmate having served 17 years in the custody of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Following his release in January of 1987 he has become a model citizen and successful family man. He has also become a valuable asset to the community in the fight for criminal justice reform. He has taught Psychology at Houston Community College and has been a guest lecturer at Sam Houston State University. He married Pamela while he was yet in prison. Pamela is a registered nurse and political activist in the fields of civil rights and public health care. She has also been active in researching and publicizing issues surrounding criminal justice and forensic psychiatric nursing. John and Pamela are now members of a local service organization called No More Victims, Inc. whose purpose is to prevent crime by offering counseling and shelter to many persons at risk for infraction of the law. They have appeared on numerous television talk shows including The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, the Maury Povich Show, Geraldo, and The Montel Williams Show discussing issue of criminal justice. They have also told their unique story on Fox T.V.'s "City Under Siege." Now in their book, THE IRON GHETTO, John and Pamela tell the story of the life and culture of prison, and its malevolent influence on society. From the depth of their unique experience they offer practical recommendations for reform in the interest of a better life and community for all.

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The Iron Ghetto
A deeply moving and realistic account of prison life and its social ramifications. A combination of first-hand observations, psychological theory, and critical philosophical insights into a forlorn culture which few endeavor to understand, but which for the lack of such understanding we are all very much at a loss. Sometimes controversial; sometimes pathetic; humorous; shocking, but always realistic, resourceful, and insightful. [Cover art Dirk A. Wolf]
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