Bio: As a child, Christine Charles was addicted to TV's "Bonanza" series, but always wondered why the women on the show never did more than cook, have children, and hold Little Joe's hand--or his horse! A tale heard while visiting Alabama inspired this novel, but the story of Bethany and Trent came from the author's heart. Past President of the northwest Missouri chapter of Romance Writers of America, Christine lives near Kansas City.

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Heart's Bounty
A woman on a mission of vengeance ... Confederate renegades murdered her family, and left Bethany Hart homeless and alone. When military and civilian officials would not help bring them to justice, she vowed to do it, herself. She set out to hunt them down no matter how long it took, or what the personal cost ... with a need for justice as her only companion, and her heart as cold as her ice-blue gaze ... A man with a dual identity ... A former Union spy, now lawman on a special assignment for t... more info>>
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