Bio: First Kiss is Terri's first novel, completed the year she turned 40 and had her first child. Previously, her short story, Eva and Pops, was selected as a winner in the "O, Georgia!" literary contest. Terri served as editor for the 1998 and 1999 "O, Georgia Too!" anthologies and has edited the manuscripts of numerous authors. She is a consultant to the legal industry and is an oft-published author of business and professional articles and books for law firms. She lives in an Atlanta suburb with her husband Ken and their daughter, Zelli.

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First Kiss
Fourteen year old Zelli is engaged in a constant internal battle between being true to her feelings and desires and being accepted by the popular crowd in school. This is evident on the last day of the school year, when Zelli joins some of the "cool" kids for lunch. Although she is at times humiliated by their behavior towards her, she also envies them. As she heads off on her summer vacation, a visit to her cousin's in New Jersey, she vows to act more like the popular girls from now on. Meeting... more info>>
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