Bio: Bob Mann grew up in West Monroe, Louisiana. In 1986, he received his Masters Degree in Chemistry from Louisiana Tech University. He has lived in the Houston area since 1989, where he works as a chemist in the hazardous waste industry. Along the way he has been a janitor, waiter, laborer, forklift operator, printer, mud logger, ER lab technician, water treatment chemist, and finally a hazardous materials chemist. KRIGLEM is his first novel.

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The War ended twenty years ago, and the time since has been one of reconciliation and reconstruction. And expansion: humanity is pushing into Space again. The sparsely settled Frontier, and beyond it, the lawless Out, are growing in volume, wealth and stellar systems. The dream of universal peace seems to have arrived at last: though criminals and pirates still gnaw at civilization's edges as they always have and always will, vast armies no longer mobilize to do battle in planet-crushing conflag... more info>>
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