Bio: Max H. Flindt was born in 1915 in San Jose, California, the son of pioneer science fiction writer Homer Eon Flint. Ardent studies in chemistry, physics, biology, paleontology, and anthropology led him to a life dedicated to independent scientific research. His former posts include that of Senior Laboratory Technician under Nobelists Dr. Edward Teller, Dr. Glenn Seaborg, and Dr. Melvin Calvin at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley, and Laboratory Analyst in research at Lockheed where he engaged in highly classified space research and research on human blood anomalies under the late professor emeritus Percival Baumberger of Stanford University. Max H. Flindt is the first to scientifically document biological evidence that mankind may be the result of a prehistorical union of terrestrial humanoids and starmen, which is this book?s main thesis.

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Between the Apes and the Angels
"There is no doubt that we are both ape and angel. The question is, what constitutes the angel? Could it have been extraterrestrial? In these pages you will find proof that you are partially extraterrestrial."--Max H. Flindt. "I go to drink from the Big Dipper. And the stuff I drink is life. Come with me." --Ray Bradbury [Foreword by Ray Bradbury.]
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