Bio: Darrell Bain and Will Stafford both served two years in Vietnam, though not together. They have never met in person but their correspondence has delighted them and their families and friends for more than three years now. Darrell is a former medic and Will a former helicopter pilot. They like to write and this book is the result of each of them trying to top the other with some of the funniest and most unusual stories you've ever read. Will is retired from the Army and from an engineering career in Florida. Darrell still works on his Christmas tree farm in East Texas and uses his spare time to write books and novels, a number of which have been published. Someday they intend to meet--and that should be another story!

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Tall tales or not (and they claim they're not), you will find yourself going along for the ride as Darrell Bain narrates the beginning of an electronic friendship between himself and Will Stafford. The two Vietnam veterans hit it off immediately when they run across each other on the web. Darrell is promoting his first novel, Medics Wild and lists it under Military humor. Will finds it there and asks what it is about. And from there the book gets almost forgotten as Darrell is inundated with tal... more info>>
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