Bio: Lois Tilton is the author of five novels, including Vampire Winter and Darkness on the Ice, groundbreaking revisionist takes on vampires and vampiric lore. She is also the author of dozens of short stories in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. She lives with her husband John in Chicago, where she is working on a new novel.

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Written in Venom
Written in Venom is a retelling of the Norse myth cycle from Loki's point of view. "A story retold is a story made new, and Lois Tilton does a fine job of bringing the Trickster God's version to life."--Richard Parks Lois Tilton writes: "This is not the tale as the skalds have sung it. The skalds are all Odinn's men. They are drunk on his words, they swallow the lies he pours into their drinking horns and lick up his spew like dogs. The truth is buried here with me, bound to this stone with the ... more info>>
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