Bio: Donald E. Zlotnik served during the Vietnam War for eighteen months with the ultra elite MACV-SOG Command and Control North long range reconnaissance teams that conducted missions into Laos (Prairie Fire) and North Vietnam (Nickel Steel and Falling Rain). Members for the elite unit were selected from among the ranks of highly trained Special Forces (Green Berets) and navy SEALs. Zlotnik also served in combat with two Green Beret "A" detachments; A-253 Duc Co on the Cambodian border and was the first executive officer at A-426 in the Plain of Reeds during periods of heavy fighting. Zlotnik has written more than 300 columns for two Detroit newspapers titled; "Thoughts From the Right." Zlotnik is the author of ten war novels and has written eleven more unpublished historical action-adventure novels. He says they will make good reading for his grandchildren someday. When recently asked by 60 Minutes II producers about war, Zlotnik was quoted as saying, "War is hell--Sherman was right about that part of it--but it is up to the leaders to keep it honorable." Currently, Zlotnik is the founder and administrator of The Seraphim & Angel Agency, specializing in treatment foster care agency.

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Eagles Cry Blood
While too many soldiers are fighting for the brass in the midst of the sanguineous Vietnam battles, Lt. Paul Bourne is compelled to fight the enemy for his country's freedom. But when he comes up against his captain--a man driven by selfishness and a desire for recognition and glory, Bourne is even more determined to destroy the enemy--even if this means sacrificing his life.
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