Bio: Raphael Marin is married with no children, and lives in Trinidad and Tobago with his wife about fifteen miles outside the capital city of Port of Spain. Even in childhood he had been writing short stories, but education and career and got in the way of serious writing. This book is actually a product of his mid-life crisis. He has always been an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy and medieval fiction.

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A Time of Destinies [Elgard Book 1]
It is a time of destiny in the lands around the Vall'nar Sea. The old gods, long abandoned and forgotten, are awakened, and seek to settle old scores and draw the tribes of mankind into a bloody death struggle. The T'sorri people must put aside ancient feuds to deal with a more ancient, and very deadly enemy who has found them after a search that lasted a thousand year, seeking vengeance for an ancient wrong. The loyalty of the Taristians is in question, and the machinations of the Amurians are ... more info>>
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