Bio: Larry Parr has made his full-time living as a writer for the past quarter of a century, primarily writing animation for television, everything from The Smurfs to The X-Men. In total he has written and/or story edited more than 350 half hours of television. If you?ve ever watched cartoons, you?ve probably seen his work and not even realized it. He has been on staff at Marvel Productions (on two separate occasions) as well as at DIC Animation. While on staff at Marvel Productions he worked side by side for more than four years with the legendary Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame. His new love, however, is writing Young Adult novels. So far he has written two YA novels under his own name (Robotroid and (the first in his planned Gruesome High series.

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The Ghost of Gruesome High
Ever since Gus Grissom High was built on top of an ancient cemetery, more than ten years ago, people have said the school was haunted. All the kids refer to the school as Gruesome High. On a lark, Patsy, Jennifer, Jason, Alan, and Wesley climb to the school at midnight, not really knowing if there's a ghost or not. They see a dark shape with two glowing red eyes and hear a strange scraping sound! The next day, when one of Patsy's teachers makes fun of her and the whole idea of a ghost, Patsy bec... more info>>
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