Bio: Barry H. Smith is a Canadian who practices law at the firm of Neal and Smith. He writes about realistic people placed upon a fictional landscape that blends together elements of mystery, adventure, romance, and the supernatural. Barry resides in Toronto with his wife, Glennys, who is a playwright, and their two sons, Kyle and Dylan. His short story credits include the murder mystery "A Siren?s Cry" published in Blue Murder Magazine.

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Twilight Dynasty [Courting Evil Book 1]
A co-ed flees out of the Muskoka woodlands of Canada pursued by a horrible creature. A beautiful psychic is being stalked by a deadly stranger. These incidents draw divorce attorney, Kyle Morrow, into a battle that leads him far beyond the courtroom, into a realm that exists between light and darkness... a land of nightmare and shadows. It is the battleground where good and evil clash, in a struggle for Morrow's life, his sanity, and ultimately his very soul. Twilight Dynasty is a tense, superna... more info>>
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