Bio: Like the sea witch in Wendy's story, "The Tail of the Sea Witch," she lives near a beautiful, deserted beach. Also, like the sea witch, when Wendy first moved to the small seaside resort, her neighbours speculated on whether she could be a witch. Not that she wore a black pointy hat or performed laps around the property on a broomstick; but she did live a reclusive life with just her menagerie of animals--including a charismatic goat called Jack--and she often wore an exotic array of clothing.

Is art imitating life? Again, just like the sea witch, Wendy isn't telling.

Wendy has been writing children's stories and musical plays for nearly twenty years. Her aim is to create stories and music that uplift the spirit, enchant the senses and inspire the mind by taking the reader beyond the limitations of mundane thinking into a more brilliant and exciting reality.

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The Tail of the Sea-Witch
Marina's magical sea witch lives in a houseboat on a lagoon surrounded by a 'jungle of jewels.' But is she really a sea witch? Marina, the imaginative eleven-year-old telling the story, is quite convinced. After all, isn't her very name, Madame Witche, a sure give-away? Both Marina and Madame Witche are lonely until that mid-summer day when they meet on Madame's beach. Together, they find a friendship so unexpected and rich that it takes on a magical aspect--especially to Marina. However, Madame... more info>>
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