Bio: Celia grew up in England in a tiny village on the edge of Dartmoor. It is from this part of her life that she draws for her Dartmoor Series novels, Mary's Child, and Past Present 1: Web of Lies.

After immigrating to Canada, Celia had short stories published in magazines in the UK, Canada, the United States and South Africa. She currently has three short story collections, Island Stories, Journeys, and Who is Margaret? What is She? published with Twilight Times Books.

Celia's other novels include Unraveled, a lighthearted mainstream novel with a touch of fantasy and New Age humor, and the Winnowed Woman, a collection of essays, poems and journal entries that received a WordWeaving Award for Excellence.

More information about Celia can be found at her website

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Mary's Child
After being incarcerated in a workhouse for thirteen years following the death of her mother, Mary Jay is apprenticed out to a farm on Dartmoor. She has no idea that the same man who darkened her mother's life will now threaten her own newfound freedom.
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Past Present I: Web of Lies
When aspiring author Anne Graham meets Graham Kingsley, she succumbs to his worldly charm and, despite misgivings, agrees to marry him. After they move into an ancient manor house in the heart of Dartmoor startling facts from Graham's past begin to emerge. Anne does her best to cope, but fears for her sanity when she begins seeing the characters she's written about in her book.
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A repressed Millicent becomes acquainted with her quirky neighbors, discovers her husband's infidelities and contemplates an affair with a younger man while the planets Uranus and Pluto seemingly have their own agenda.
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Who is Margaret? What is She? and Other Stories
Four stories to delight you--written by the author when she was sometimes in a speculative mood, another time in a rather melancholy mood, and once, when she was in a downright wicked mood.
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