Bio: Darren Speegle's work has appeared or is forthcoming in such venues as The Third Alternative, Brutarian Quarterly, Flesh & Blood, Crimewave, ChiZine,, and Fangoria Frightful Fiction. He is the author of two short story collections, both released in 2004: Gothic Wine from Aardwolf Press and A Dirge for the Temporal from Raw Dog Screaming Press. Visit his website at

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A Dirge for the Temporal
Prepare for a decadant feast. A Dirge for the Temporal, Darren Speegle's second collection of fiction, bursts with sensations. Like Baroque architecture, plush velvet furnishings or the richest chocolate truffle dessert, Speegle's prose delights all the senses. This collection heralds the return of the subtly crafted horror tale. A Dirge lingers on the dark mystery of the supernatural, creates the giddy feeling of fear mixed with excitement, that only comes from partial revelations, things half-... more info>>
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