Bio: Francesca Vrattos has been exposed to the craft of writing since she was a child. Her father was a published chemical engineer and her mother, a newspaper reporter. In 1992 she began writing novels. However in August 1998, she turned a different direction on the road to literary success, and focused her attention on her new business, Writers' Showplace Inc., an online literary referral agency she cofounded with another author. As if that and her writing aren't enough to keep her busy, she and her business partner travel to writers conferences, speaking and holding workshops. Francesca is also employed part-time as the assistant to the Regional V. P. of Penguin Putnam, Inc. Francesca came up with the idea for Lewd Behavior after attending a stage hypnotist's show at the state fair and witnessing an otherwise shy acquaintance committing outrageous acts. What would happen, she thought, if a hypnotist chose to use his skills in a diabolical way. Married to her supportive husband, John, since 1979, they have a daughter Alexia in her first year of college.

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Lewd Behavior
When Michael Slater, an investigative reporter for a TV news magazine is assigned to cover a story on a stage hypnotist accused of exploiting women, he discovers that the real show begins once the curtain comes down. However even more intriguing is the hypnotist's manager lingering backstage. She's mysterious and beautiful, and knows much more than she's willing to tell.
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